Puh, I’m glad you made it, I thought you wouldn’t… Man, this internet is a jungle. Please put away your machete and unload your gun, no tigers here. It’s only you and me, you’re safe. Oh, you lost your money and your business page converts worse than you wished - so you’re stuck? I can help you fix it. Follow me, it’s this way. I’ve been here for some time. No wait, I’ll leave a sign („Muscle training, mentally, this way“) in case others make it. Come on, it’s getting dark.

What you get working with me

I have a look at what you wrote and improve it according to my understanding of your business goals, my best knowledge and gut feeling. When improved the rest follows according to what I consider your best bet. German and English.


Interest, honesty and care. I’m very interested to get to know you and your business. If I’m not, I let you know because I care even if we don’t fit.


I work straight forward. We talk human first, decide if we click and then talk money - here’s an idea of how I do business.

We have 3 Skype calls (beginning, middle, end) and talk as long as we want. In the beginning, we get to know each other. In the middle of our partnership we talk about the progress I made. If we didn’t match, there’ll be no middle. When I’m done we review what went well and decide what we want to improve. In between we communicate by email only. Why email? The written word helps us express what we really want to say and serves as an archive so we can retrace every interaction - if necessary.


Name: Alexander Kluge

Brand name & URL: naii.io

HQ: Berlin, Germany but 99 % I work location-independent

Nobody cares about your product?

It’s because your story isn’t compelling enough. You need to craft a better story. Join my Story Creation Masterclass! In this free email course I show you some examples of great landing pages, how to write effective sales copy with a convincing story and offer you free consulting. Don’t miss the launch: Saturday, 1 December 2018. I look forward to see you.

How I do business

No value gain, no pay. If you don’t win based on the business goal you told me in the beginning you don’t pay a penny.

I tell you when my work is done. After I finished my work I will send you an email „Done“.

No cut for me after 6 months. If in the following 6 months after I’m done with my work you don’t see any increase with regard to your business goal, you don’t pay. If there is an increase within those 6 months, I get a 10-percent cut every month for the next 24 months.

I’m changing clothes every 6 months. If we spent up to 6 months together and there is a new client knocking on my door and I like him and what he’s doing, I will say bye bye and wish you a farewell. No hard feelings.

Safe time and your life, I’m a lifesaver.

You have everything to win and nothing to lose. Let’s talk! I appreciate your company. If you specifically need copywriting assistance, please contact me through Copy Giraffe. For voiceover performances, send me a message via Stolen Voice. For acting inquiries, LinkedIn is the best way to contact me.

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