Terms and Conditions

Communication and availability

From 1.1.2018, the following NAII Terms and Conditions apply, which are the basis of my business cooperation with you. It’s all about communication and availability.

Business communication is exclusively via email.

I check and answer business emails with you once a week (on Monday).

I send you deliverables once a week (on Wednesday). Wednesday is also the day on which I may ask for any missing material to provide a pending delivery.

In no way available (offline) am I:

So, throughout every 7th week I’m not available for any business communication.

Summary of the Terms and Conditions:

  1. Communication only by email.
  2. Monday is for communication.
  3. Wednesday is to send deliverables.
  4. Not available on weekends, every 7 weeks and throughout September.

These conditions apply starting on 1.1.2018. I consider them as accepted by you before your first contact with me. As far as changes are concerned, I’ll let you know.

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