My business goals for 2022

I hope to generate new voiceover clients and and build out my presence as a voice-over artist, so I can say goodbye to the copywriting agency work I’ve been doing, make a lot more money with voice-acting, get a better hourly wage than currently with the agency, and have more money to produce bigger and better susē stories.

I want my work-week structure to change from what it is now...

agency voiceover stories
naii iian susē
2.5 days 2.5 days 2 days

voiceover stories
iian susē
3.5 days 3.5 days the beginning of September 2022, so that I will have worked 18 months with the seanwes media/DCM agency.

I plan to get there by producing 1 piece of weekly Authority Content on my YouTube channel in two versions: in German (susēpatrolāDE) and English (susēpatrolā). The piece of content is an episode featuring 1 question, 1 ad, and 1 answer. By publishing this weekly content, I also intend to gain more subscribers for the susē YouTube channel, as a side-effect of publishing weekly YouTube content.

I also plan to get there by continuing to audition for voice-over jobs occassionaly, send out my weekly {Sunday Truth} email, and tell my readers about this new piece of content, and whatever else happened in susē land in the past seven days. The desired side-effect of the continuation of my newsletter is to expand my email list.

The community can help me get there by giving me moral and mental support by cheering me on and showing up in terms of achieving their business goals.

Furthermore, the year 2022 with its “8 productive hours a day” mantra shall serve me as the basis for 2023, whose yearly business goal is to travel as a Traveling Voiceover Nomad and work in different studios around the world to fill up with studios --- and to use this work-lifestyle to be less glued to the computer screen and be less exposed to tech.

Since I usually do agency work and voice-acting work from Monday to Friday, the weekend remains for working on susē, on which I plan to have time to produce 12 stories in the year as I aimed to do in 2021; so, ideally 1 new story - edited or originally produced from scratch - per month.

What are your business goals for the new year?

Share your business goals 2022 on my Mastodon thread:

What to do now

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