My 2023 Personal Goal

My 2023 Personal Goal
My 2023 Personal Goal

I want to go on a one-month research trip abroad in September (maybe Brazil because of a friend’s wedding, or Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, India, or another island this time).

Sidenote: In 2017 (Cuba) is when I started my first 1-month-long research trip, then 2018 (Madagascar), and then nothing in 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, although you could argue that my 33 days that started on Dec 16, 2022 here in Syracuse, NY could count as a research trip. That would still be 3 years without my desired free and wild exploration of a certain place on our beautiful planet.

I plan to get there by realizing My 2023 Business Goal that says:

Starting in April 2022 (Q2), I want to finish every month as a voiceover artist with an income of €999.

The community of brothers and sisters (and everything in between) can help me by reminding me of that goal and by sharing exciting travel adventures with me that inspire me where I could apply my research trip to.

p.s. Taking every 7th week off as part of a one-week sabbatical where I’m free from obligations is another (soft) goal of mine. It would be 7 small-scale sabbaticals in total, and I happen to have taken my first sabbatical just now (in calendar week no. 1 of 2023).

What are your personal goals for the new year?

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