Hi, my name is Alexander Kluge, I’m a crossover artist, serial founder and bootstrapper of naii.io. I help indie companies, activists, voiceover businesses, and for-purpose organizations grow their business with email copywriting, love, and care.

naii.io/email is a sales consultancy that uses persuasive writing, technology, and storytelling to create meaningful connections to your readers who become buyers and loyal customers.

You’re the hero with a thousand startups

You have a thousand ideas and a few projects running, just like me. Most of them were not successful which is why I’ve been freelancing on the side for more than 12 years. It pays the bills and gives me enough time and energy to work on them. But I couldn’t have done it alone, there’s someone supporting me. Maybe you can relate.

Then my newest startup hit a nerve because I found a market. It happened while I was traveling through Morocco, Southern Europe, the US, and the UK. I documented all 120 days.

But it wasn’t always like that. I’ve tried many things before…

I was a salesman, psychiatry worker, cleaning person, long-term student (and M.Sc. graduate in Int’l Media & Computing), amateur athlete, street soccer player, the person stocking shelves in a supermarket, designer, writer, novice filmmaker, entrepreneur, and a book publisher. All of that with small to no success. Believe it or not, cleaning households was one of my favorite businesses.

Now I’m doing copywriting with a specialization in email marketing and strategy. Writing and storytelling are not new to me. I studied user experience and media-driven storytelling for 7 years, I’ve been writing commercially since 2008 and teaching storytelling since 2016.

Oh… and the startup I was talking about earlier is the biggest search engine of voiceover recording studios, and although I’ve gained almost 100 partner studios so far, I haven’t made a penny from it. That’s why I’m offering email copywriting as a service to you. But money is not my core motivation. Read on...


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