Hey, it’s the naii.io about page!

About me in a nutshell

I run naii.io and the YouTube channel Susé Patrola that started as a creative outlet but turned into a pursuit of building my dream storytelling company.

I’m an artist, voiceover friend, copywriter, and indie maker like you.

And I happen to have learned sales, marketing, and coding. Now I’m using that knowledge to help fellow VO artists and indie makers promote their great products, deeds, and services.

I believe in democracy, hope, optimism, and paradise. That’s why I’m building Paradise Island and writing the book PARADISE. You can join the waiting list for the book.

Here’s more about the stuffs (no typo!) I’ve been doing:

Biz inquiry?

Send me a telegram with the first line saying „Biz inquiry!“ and one (!) sentence on what the request is about. I ignore messages of unknown senders that don’t follow these instructions, or if I’m not interested in your request. Or send a request through my contact form.

When I’m not working, I write, sing, travel, voice, act, talk to people, take photos, make films, produce music and videos, research identities, teach copywriting, and do sports.

p.s. besides business and creativity, I’m an amateur human and explorer of the world.

you just met naii.io - I invent, act, build susēpatrolā, travel, and write.

naii.io is your calm spot at the intersection of productive art and human creativity.

Adventures for Bold Storytellers.

It’s only you and me, you’re 👩‍🍼safe.