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Find below a selection of testimonials from people I’ve worked with.

Titelheld., a storytelling company, worked with me on their new website (as a visual designer). It was a client-contractor relationship. At the end of the project, Dominik Schmidt (Director Titelheld.publishing) said:

Dominik Schmidt, Director Titelheld.publishing

Alex understood very well what we had in mind with our new website and implemented it according to our business goals. We enjoyed his transparent organization on Trello, the friendly tone and his informative way of dealing with the meetings. He handled formalities (work contract and briefing) in a professional manner.

Stupid and Simple 1, a design and branding agency, worked with me on various client projects. I took the role of a content writer, project manager, and UX consultant. It was a collaborative relationship at eye level. At the end of our cooperation, Jan Richter (Creative Director & CEO) said:

Jan Richter, Creative Director & CEO at Stupid And Simple

Alex fulfilled his work with diligence and care. His way of working was groundbreaking and inspiring for the entire team. He demonstrated extraordinary working speed and excellent results. Also, he proved again and again to be a professional and competent partner, who showed impeccable time management and delivered very good work.

He quickly and effortlessly integrated himself into the team and was a strong team player. In problem situations, he always knew how to help. Tasks that he had to manage himself, he fulfilled particularly well. Alex decided to end his work with us to tackle new challenges. We want to thank him for his impulses, the successful cooperation and the help with the structural development of our agency. We wish him continued success on the way forward and in his professional career.


  1. Stupid and Simple is a design and branding agency from Berlin, Germany. They also encourage young makers to become independent business owners. ↩︎

  2. According to the Human Era Calendar ↩︎

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