Why email matters

Why email matters (also in 2019)

Emails are alive. In 2019, an estimated amount of 300 billion emails will we have sent and received.

Emails are personal. They are intimate. You are close to the reader. They actually open the email because the message is only for them. Your email makes them feel special.

Email is the most effective form of marketing in terms of engagement. It’s not a surprise. In an email, you talk 1-on-1. Email is like a chat with a friend at your Starbucks. You share what you wouldn’t post online. Through email, you feel comfortable to open up.

Your reader cares about you first and buys your product after.

Email is not about total numbers. You’re not reaching every single subscriber. As I learned from my informal business teacher Sean McCabe, you are reaching the top 10 percent that is the most engaged. Those people are your customers.

Everyone knows email is important for business

Emails convert higher than social media. Real-world numbers show that. Proof is here. Your reader cares about you because you cared about them first. You connect as people. Then you connect them to your product. Email helps build a connection from a reader who doesn’t know you to a person who buys your product—again and again, and again. And, I’m your companion writing these emails.

„…email marketing is still the most profitable channel for marketing online in the history of the internet..”—Chris Orzechowski

Email marketing is effective. According to the „National client email report 2015” conducted by Jordie van Rijn and UK-based Data & Marketing Association (DMA), Europe’s largest professional body representing the direct marketing industry, „email has an average ROI of £38 for each £1 spent”. That makes email marketing one of the best ways to increase your return on investment, and despite being one of the oldest digital media still in use, email will evolve.

I write high-converting and effective emails for your organization, and I cure low-engaging email sequences because I consider them to be sick. They are a life threat to your business, and I’m treating them as such. I help you so your reader cares about you first and buys your product after.

Learn below 👇 some tricks (and a secret ingredient) to say the right thing at the right time to the right person and sell more every time you send an email.

Sell more with efficient 🐝 email copy

Something is wrong.

You’re working smart and hard—as a bee.

Your product is fantastic.

And sales? Only crickets, lots of them… 🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗

People tell you to „Run ads on Instagram“, „Do content marketing” and „Increase email subscribers”. Great tips but none of them is your problem.

Your email subscribers aren’t buying, you don’t know why?

  • Your problem isn’t the number of subscribers. Ok, you could buy ads or spend time and money on producing content, and that will get your more subscribers. But if your blog articles don’t convert you produced content with no return on investment.
  • You have holes in your bucket, the leaking water is forcing your sales on their knees. It’s S.O.S. Act fast. First step: Fix the messaging on your email sequences. Copywriting does that. You say the right words to the right person at the right time, and then you make a sale. You have to do everything right. That’s why selling is so hard.
  • You need to fix your copywriting. Ads can be costly because it’s a never-ending story. The wheel keeps spinning for only as long as you put money into it, and they don’t always work. It’s a guessing game. Your content is tailor-made to your audience but it’s time-consuming to produce more content and even expensive if you outsource it. The more efficient way for a breakthrough in sales is to improve the messaging on your email list. Yes, you don’t even need a website, you can sell through your email list. You only need a simple landing page where a reader can enter his email address. That’s it.

Luck is playing your cards

You’ve been guessing at what to say because you never had the right words. No new subscriber felt like you were understanding them, so most of them unsubscribed. Yes, you sold something here and then but if you make a sale, it’s by accident.

You’re a very lucky person if you can „accidentally“ grow your business. But if you don’t believe in luck, get in charge of your sales message yourself. Do what’s in your hands to control and let the „lucky“ people get their cards sorted by others.

Learn 3 Tricks (And A Secret Ingredient) To Write Higher-Converting Email Copy That You Can Apply Immediately And Sells While You Sleep (Without Increasing Subscribers And Without Luck)

In this 3-part email course, you learn how to say the right thing at the right time to the right person, and you will learn a no-brainer sales formula that a community peer has applied successfully. I’m happy to share it with you.

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You can also expect an observation of the copywriting world, a lesson from the front lines, or timeless advice that is worth remembering when writing email copy and copy in general. But always only one piece to learn, never overwhelming and never too long or boring to read. A clear takeaway with added value after you read my email. That is my goal. If you don’t find this kind of value in my emails, unsubscribe anytime.


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