I BROKE my commitments in the FIRST week but…

…that’s ok because I now found out what I really want to spend my time with. In a way I needed that failure and “public humiliation”.

So, here are my daily activities (and my previously defined priorities that I haven’t shared publicly before).

Priorities (9a-5p Mon-Thu)

I defined these two priorities on Oct 18, 2020, and they have been valid since then:

In fact, they’re burned into my desktop as a wallpaper that you can see here:

My desktop wallpaper showing email copywriting as my 80-percent priority and voiceover as my 20-percent priority
My desktop wallpaper showing email copywriting as my 80-percent priority and voiceover as my 20-percent priority


By sharing my naii.io/daily blog post and by seeing what I can really follow through with, I found out what I really want to do on a daily basis…

Daily activities

Before 9a:

  1. Mon-Sun: (in the morning) walk or run+soccer

Within 9a-5p (business time):

My core business days are Monday to Thursday. On these days, I’m available for clients from 9a to 3p so that I can spend the other 2 hours for business development.

There are business activities that are outside of the “Mon to Thu 9a to 5p” bracket, and that’s ok.

  1. Mon-Tue: email copywriting client work
  2. Wed-Thu: client acquisition (copywriting) and apply for voiceover jobs
  3. Fri: send an email to my naii.io/private email list and my emailcopywriter.io list (at least once a week)
  4. Mon-Thu: write+voice-record a new episode of “The Adventures of Alex, the Email Copywriter” for the “naii.io varsity” (my mobile-learning community and business platform using the Learnistic infrastructure) - that’s 4 new episodes per week
  5. Mon-Sun: take trainings (copywriting and voiceover)
  6. Mon-Sun: write+voice an ad and post it into the GFTB forum (“Free Voiceover Scripts for your Commercial Demo Reel”) but tell them to give credit using “naii.io” as the name and an active link to https://naii.io

After 5p:

  1. Mon-Sun: Arabic for 30 minutes
  2. Mon-Sun: (Optional leisure time activities) do one of my 7 Options including:
    1. take a nap (siesta)
    2. mimic a song, e.g. Coldplay - Magic
    3. hand-letter, e.g. “Keep Following Up” (to use it for my upcoming emailcopywriter.io lead magnet) and via Sean McCabe’s hand-lettering course
    4. draw landscapes, e.g. via Noah Bradley
    5. do freeCodeCamp, e.g. to build Studiolist as the “Google Maps for Voiceover Recording Studios - but ethical!”
    6. learn Blender, e.g. to create a 3D animation film (e.g. THE DUDES) or an animated storymercial (e.g. LEO IS YOUR PAL)
    7. be active in one of my 4 premium communities (see below) or engage with my list (naii.io/private, emailcopywriter.io):
      • creatives running businesses: seanwes community
      • voiceover artists running businesses: GFTB community
      • tech indie makers running businesses: WIP.co community
      • freelance copywriters and copywriting business owners: CopyChief community

Before I go to bed (~11pm):

  1. Mon-Thu: voice-document my day on my Anchor-powered iian.in podcast “Life in Darkness | The Good Life | SoSiShow
  2. Mon-Thu: (Optional) 20 squats, 20 push-ups, 3x20 crunches (center, left, right)
  3. Mon-Sun: read 1 page of The Daily Stoic (also in German: Der tägliche Stoiker)

Summary of a typical day of mine


How does your typical day look like?

Send me a comment and let me know what makes your day worth living because if you don’t enjoy your days how can you enjoy life, right?

What to do next

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© 2020+ I’m Alexander Kluge - born 37 years ago.

I have no children or a wife but a 12-year old baby named naii.io, my web hub that is also my online business entity/identity. As a solo artist I go by the alter ego iian.in.

For story-production-related stories I’m using the shell of my Story production company Susé Patrola.

Business-wise, I’m currently spending most of time writing email copy for 2 clients (at emailcopywriter.io) and SEO texts for another client of mine.

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