You love your craft, but for the survival of your indie company only two numbers matter… replies in your inbox & money in your bank

If you have dedication and love for your product and service, that’s great! But you want to continue doing so. With empty seats in front of you, there’s nobody paying… money and attention. You have to consider how many people are replying to your messages and how many of them have paid.

You’re lucky...

We can help you set up an email list and reach your first 100 subscribers within a month to have a foundation to work with, and we consult your multi-person organization through sales strategies and the implementation of them.

If you want to work with us, please fill out this questionnaire.

Why we work with indie companies?

We’re best at encouraging people - in person, through writing and with the help of our voice. It’s our natural gift. Our particular interest lies in encouraging independent makers like you and promote what they do. Promoting can take various shapes and sizes.

And, independent means: bootstrapped or funded with no 3rd-party capital or VC capital.

We picked something that we’re good at, that adds value to your business and that we enjoy doing because it’s actually a fun ride to write these campaigns :)

By demonstrating to you as an indie maker that we care about what you’re doing we want to build up a long-term relationship.

The bigger picture

Our obsession with indie makers is socio-economic-politically motivated: More Indie makers (= those who dare to make) means there’s more choice and more variety of products. This makes the marketplace more colorful and creates a nice situation of coopetition 1 in our desired kind of economy 2.

By empowering indie makers and putting them in a powerful (democratic) position, we’re contributing to the avoidance of establishing monopolies or de-facto monopolies. If you think you can’t do anything about a situation, becoming an indie maker (writer, painter, photographer, designer, filmmaker, attentive citizen, tech service provider, etc.) is your sure shot to have a belly belt of options and things you can do for yourself and those you care about.

You can call it our mission statement if you want. Whatever the name is that you find for it, when we think about the empowerment of you and all those other great independent makers in our late-night walks, we know that this the right thing because it feels right. And if we learned one thing in the last years it’s that: If it feels right, it is the right thing to do.

Now that you know the big picture, we look forward to pimping your emails.


You’re getting...

and you’re paying...

It’s also possible to pay us according to how well our email campaign performed. We can talk about that.

How we work

Let’s work together in 5 steps:

  1. We talk, find a project to work on and agree on the conditions.
  2. You pay us 100 percent upfront.
  3. We do the work and send you the final text.
  4. We review how it performed and wrap up the project.
  5. We talk about what went well and what could be improved and decide if we want to continue working together or part ways.


One email campaign (5-7 emails) costs 749 EUR excl. VAT plus usage license fee. You can pay using our contact form with an integrated payment system.

We also offer to consult on email marketing and sales strategy which you can schedule here.

Payment process

We will send you a VAT-included invoice to your email address after you purchased one of our products from above.

If you’re located in the SEPA area of the European Union, you can of course pay via normal bank transfer. Our IBAN number is: DE51 1001 1001 2624 6174 27 (BIC: NTSBDEB1XXX). This business bank account is held by’s founder Alexander Kluge.

At, we help you write sales emails without feeling sleazy or selling your soul

As a former Greenpeace fundraiser, actor, trained salesman at Europe’s largest consumer electronics retailer, psychiatry worker, household cleaner, web designer, book author, speaker, filmmaker, photographer, startup founder, computer scientist, world traveler (digital nomad), alchemical artist, and business owner with 12+ years of experience, I have a unique perspective. With, my team and I are now combining our vast knowledge of many industries with our business savviness and we’re channeling it into one thing: email copywriting.

When writing copy and coaching business owners, we work with only a few selected people in the realm of voiceover acting, ethical technology, art, and activism. You can send your request to work with us. You will talk with Alex who is your contact person and founder of

Please note that we’re handling only two clients per month to ensure maximum attention to their business needs and to provide the best solutions in our power.

Guarantee—and why we work unlike other creative shops

We cannot guarantee desired results but we’ll do our very best to achieve what you have in mind, and we’ll give it three shots.

In the first round, you run the copy exactly how we wrote it. You can only change a word if it’s legally or factually inaccurate, or if it’s not written how you would say it (in terms of your brand voice). If it doesn’t work, we’ll give it a second try.

If we need a second attempt and you run it word for word the way we had written it and it doesn’t work, we’ll go into the third and last round. If it doesn’t work either, we’ll have to admit that the tests failed. We will then wrap up and review the project and we will try to find someone who we think can help you better.

To sum it up: We’re giving it three solid tries. We test and see if it’s working. These three shots are covered by the project fee. No additional charges apply.

We take full responsibility for our solution

Our texts are the result of a process that allows us to deliver our best work.

We take full responsibility for creating the sales texts rather than asking you or third parties to do our job for us by putting executive decisions on their shoulders.

This means we don’t include changes, revisions, or multiple versions in our projects if the request for a revision is not backed by data. Instead, we deliver our best solution, based on your goals. This approach frees you and lets you focus on what’s most important for your organization, and it gives us everything we need to craft something that your audience can connect with.

We’re confident to achieve great results and eager to learn but we’re not failsafe. So, if our solution doesn’t work as expected because the data says so, we’re giving it two more tries (and three in total). This is our guarantee—see above.

Who’s behind

That’s me, Alexander Kluge, the founder and my network of professionals:

Jordan and Paul Aspen, a married couple from the US, assist me when editing copy for American readers, Italian voiceover actress and vocal performer Adriana Stolfa and Spanish voiceover actress Camila Peroni help build up your brand acoustically and convey your stories to your audience so they become loyal customers. Madrid-based illustrator Ana Cuna who has worked with clients like Unesco, Netflix, Snapchat, Monocle, Fast Company, Huffington Post, Fox, and Microsoft is a professor of infographics design at IED Madrid (European Institute of Design) and helps your indie company stand out with hand-drawn and digitally enhanced illustrations.

German SEO specialist Heiko Stammel who has worked for Axel Springer, WeltN24, and SPIEGEL ONLINE knows how to search-optimize large sites, tax consultant Thomas Naumann is quick, friendly, and helpful, and my digital assistants help me stay organized when doing lots of client work (Basecamp), schedule meetings and consulting sessions without pesky email-back-and-forth (Calendly), and they make filling out questionnaires and contacting us more fun (Typeform).

What’s the big deal with copywriting?

Copywriting is the power, art, science, and magic of entering people’s heads and shifting their believes from one to the other. Mind hacking would be too strong to say but it comes close to it.

Words have power and if you combine that with storytelling, you’ve got a weapon at hand that is hard to beat.

Copywriting is when you combine ethical salesmanship with the art of writing.

Why email?

Email is one of the last ethical ways to promote your products and services while maintaining an intimate relation with your readers and customers.

What past clients and business partners said about working with me (Alex)

A selection of testimonials from people I’ve worked with.

Titelheld., a storytelling company, worked with me on their new website (as a visual designer). It was a client-contractor relationship. At the end of the project, Dominik Schmidt (Director Titelheld.publishing) said:

Dominik Schmidt, Director Titelheld.publishing

Alex understood very well what we had in mind with our new website and implemented it according to our business goals. We enjoyed his transparent organization on Trello, the friendly tone and his informative way of dealing with the meetings. He handled formalities (work contract and briefing) in a professional manner.

Stupid And Simple, a design and branding agency, worked with me on various client projects. I took the role of a content writer, project manager, and UX consultant. It was a collaborative relationship at eye level. At the end of our cooperation, Jan Richter (Creative Director & CEO) said:

Jan Richter, Creative Director & CEO at Stupid And Simple

Alex fulfilled his work with diligence and care. His way of working was groundbreaking and inspiring for the entire team. He demonstrated extraordinary working speed and excellent results. Also, he proved again and again to be a professional and competent partner, who showed impeccable time management and delivered very good work.

He quickly and effortlessly integrated himself into the team and was a strong team player. In problem situations, he always knew how to help. Tasks that he had to manage himself, he fulfilled particularly well. Alex decided to end his work with us to tackle new challenges. We want to thank him for his impulses, the successful cooperation and the help with the structural development of our agency. We wish him continued success on the way forward and in his professional career.

You don’t know how (good) we work? We’d like to change that…

We work with you for free, produce the best results we can, and let’s go from there. Here’s what I (Alex) have in mind…

Sell with effective emails

We analyze one of your email campaigns for free.

Get a free email campaign analysis!

Send a blank email to request your free analysis, and I (Alex) will reply within 24 hours if I’m available.

In my reply, I will ask for the URL of the opt-in form to see your campaign in action, and I need to know the progress your reader has made in his buyer’s journey.

Within 15 to 30 days you’ll get the analysis, my optimized copy and suggestions for your email marketing strategy.

Without a risk you can see how I work and what results I can produce.

Only if the results blow you away will we talk about compensation. The results should speak for themselves to make it a no-brainer for you to pay me good money in relation to the value I provided for you.

You don’t want to buy a pig in a poke, and I want you to run a more successful business. That’s what you get.

And if you liked my analysis, tell a friend about it. I’m offering this free service for up to 90 people.

Let’s Team Up

Alexander Kluge, Bootstrapper at

My name is Alexander Kluge. My team and I run and an email copywriting service that helps nonprofits 3, indie creators, artists, and ethical for-purpose (tech) companies do more of what they love. I plan, strategize, and create email sequences, opt-in landing pages, and sales funnels. Investing into your email list is the single best thing you can do for your business.

Gift your business and get started with email marketing, and we’re helping you get it off the ground!

My private email list

For new blog articles, short pieces, (rare) big announcements that I don’t post publicly, and tips on how to write emails that are genuine but also sell effectively, hop on my private email list, here:

    I’m also including reports on how to write emails, landing pages, and ads (also for commercial voiceover) so you can stop guessing what works. I have many stories to tell and professional knowledge to share that is worth your time.


    1. Coopetition refers to the duality of cooperation and competion. ↩︎

    2. We stand for the Economy for the Common Good, an alternative economic model that calls for working towards the common good and cooperation as value above profit-orientation and competition. ↩︎

    3. Nonprofits are our bread and butter, and that’s what we focus on. But if we have the capacity we also work with indie makers, struggling artists, ethical tech companies, and sustainable outdoor brands. ↩︎

    4. According to the Human Era Calendar ↩︎

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