Copywriting Analysis of 305 Broadcast by Alfonso Lopez

Video: Copywriting Analysis Express of 305 Broadcast by Alfonso Lopez

305 Broadcast is an online store for media broadcast equipment made by Alfonso Lopez.


He’s addressing broadcasting companies and production studios who need professional hardware.

Alfonso did a poor job with his online store.

There’s barely copy that speaks to the target market and the design is so barebone that it’s lacking personality.

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Anyway. Let’s continue…

The structure of his page

1st part - Header

2nd part

3rd part

4th part

5th part - Footer

What could be improved?

Love and care, and so much more.

It’s a shop, so it sells. Sure. But where’s the guidance and direction for the reader and the identity of 305 Broadcast? Both are not there.

Even a simple tagline à la „Broadcast equipment for Media Professionals“ or „Where Media Professionals buy Broadcast Equipment“ would help already. Something where you feel there is personality and a stance.

The site is functional. It works. So does a faucet. Does it mean I enjoy using it? Not if it’s not outstanding in its details. Today’s market is crowded, so lack of care shows. And if you can’t adapt your store to a proper mobile experience (which is something Google is appreciating) then this will show in fewer customers and sales.

There are only two clear call-to-action buttons, and both are not related to the actual shopping experience. „Learn more“ is guiding the reader away to another site, and „Subscribe“ is making the reader sign up for the newsletter. At least they’ll stay within your realm and you captured their email address.

Consider this copy…

Subscribe to our newsletter

Get the latest updates on new products and upcoming sales

Input field: Your email address

Button: Subscribe

Would you subscribe?

How about…

Reach your audience everywhere

Professional hardware is only the beginning. Learn to broadcast your events with adaptive streaming, giving your views the best quality across devices. If you enter your email address, you’ll get a checklist of 12 bullets to ensure a smooth live-streaming experience.

Input field: Your email address

Button: Upgrade your live-broadcasting

Would you subscribe now?

Last but not least… Alfonso is using Google Translate to offer a Spanish translation. This makes the site look amateurish. Why not do a proper Spanish translation? Your Spanish-speaking audience will appreciate it.

Takeaways from 305 Broadcast

  1. Add more copy, so it feels less transactional and more like an actual shopping experience with a brand you (want to) care about.
  2. Don’t mix languages on one page. It’s great to have a multi-lingual site but stick to one language for each version of your site. English for your English site. Spanish words for your Spanish site.
  3. Use a simple logo. When seen on a small screen, details can get lost. So keep the logo simple.
  4. Replace graphics that are hard to read on the phone with simpler images.
  5. Remove navigation when it obscures important content.
  6. Keep people on the site. A link away to another site kills the shopping experience.
  7. Add clear call-to-action buttons that serve your bottom line and work in the interest of the reader.
  8. Break down the benefits so they become relatable to the reader.
  9. Match your colors. They evoke emotions, for better or worse. For example, 305 Broadcast’s site is mainly blue (color of trust) and white. When I saw the product links were red (color of excitement, love, energy) I started to feel angry. Any level of trust towards the site was gone.
  10. Say it better than your readers can. You achieve that by asking and „getting into their heads“. Always try to understand, never assume. It’s hard work. Don’t be lazy. In the end, it makes your messaging sharper and puts you in a position of being trusted. That’s what you want!

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