Copywriting Analysis of Sakshi’s Voice by Sakshi Sharma

Video: Copywriting Analysis Express of Sakshi’s Voice by Sakshi Sharma

Sakshi’s Voice is a voiceover service offered by Sakshi Sharma for various clients including video and audio production houses, branding agencies, and audio streaming services like Spotify India.


She’s addressing businesses that need a voiceover professional to help advertise their services.

I don’t see a particular market that she’s targeting which makes it hard for any business owner to write proper copy.

On her compact homepage, I find conversational copy but I never felt it was compelling enough to make me want to work with her.

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Anyway. Let’s continue…

The structure of her page

1st part - Header

2nd part - Welcome

3rd part - About her

4th part - Her offer

5th - Call-to-action

6th part - Footer

What could be improved?

Sakshi’s brand voice is nice. It’s personal, friendly, and welcoming. But it’s a tad too nice because she forgot to sell her service properly.

Her copy is weak because she doesn’t know who she’s talking to. It’s a general marketing problem that I’ve seen with many voice actors. They don’t know their audience and their ideal client.

That’s when you end up writing generic meaningless copy like:

Have you got written text that needs a voice?

Sure, they do. But delivering a voice for a text is not your unique selling point (USP), it’s what every voice actor does—by default. Your USP is the return on investment (ROI) for your client’s business.

If you don’t understand that clients’ businesses want to do better after they worked with you, pay-to-play sites will always be your necessary companion, and you will never evolve to working with clients directly. You run a business and your client does. So…

What’s the USP of your voiceover service that delivers an ROI for your client’s business?

The copy text starting with „Sakshi’s Voice Welcomes You“ constitutes the main part of her homepage. So, let’s optimize her copy…

First, I’ll come up with a person to talk to because every voice actor knows that imagining the audience is one of the first steps when parsing the copy.

Our targeted person is the owner of a video production company and he’s running an animated web series with cartoon-like characters that need a voice. Although he enjoys quick turnaround (who doesn’t?), he prefers professional quality over a rushed (and maybe erroneous) delivery.

I’m Sakshi Sharma, and I help your video production firm tell award-winning stories through my English and Hindi voices so that you never have to worry about working with clients from hell again.

But the problem is…

Everyone can record a video, their voice, and upload it to YouTube. Even your silly neighbor and his cat. It makes the internet full of garbage and, just like junk food, it doesn’t last long. They get their 2 minutes of fame and then they’re forgotten.

That’s not what we want!

Even if PewDiePie uploaded another non-sense video and received a million views, it would be forgotten. But there’s one thing that people do not forget (and that YouTubers like him do well), it’s how you make them feel. And that’s my USP…

In my professional studio—ready to work with clients in UK, US, Europe, Canada, Middle East, and Asia—I deliver top-notch audio quality and believable characters to build a lasting bond with your audience (just like a YouTuber).

My clients said they enjoy the authenticity in my performances and my ability to take directions throughout the process. We’ve had a blast!

As a result, my clients created successful audiobooks, web shows, and commercials.

You can hire me for your next angelic story if you fill out the form below. I’ll get back to you within 2–3 business days.

And here’s a before and after screenshot of what I rewrote for Sakshi:

Sakshi’s Voice homepage original
Sakshi’s Voice homepage - original
Sakshi’s Voice homepage my revision
Sakshi’s Voice homepage - my revision

You can see that I made the logo bigger, changed the tagline to something more catchy, separated her photo and the play button to separate lines, and I included an immediate call-to-action with “funky” playful twirl leading to the play button.

Takeaways from Sakshi’s Voice

  1. Scale your logo to a size that it’s comfortable to read and understand but not bigger.
  2. Use your tagline as a way to stand out and sell. Don’t use “Multi-lingual & Versatile Voice Actor”. Use “Angelic Hindi and Meticulous English Voice-Acting”
  3. Picture one person that you’ll talk to when writing your copy. Trick: Open your email program, enter the recipient’s email address, and type it as an email. Before you hit send, find a subject line that is both interesting for the recipient and selling your service
  4. Avoid generic copy like “make your messages more effective”. Write instead what it means that a message is being more effective. What’s the effect? More subscribers, more newsletter signups, higher sales conversions, increased AOV (average order value)?
  5. Write precise benefits. Go 2, 3, 4, 5 levels deeper to extract all benefits. If something is ”easier for the listeners to understand” what does that mean for the client? It can mean that end customers will listen to the piece for a longer time. More people might finish it so that—depending on the platform—your client can get featured.
  6. Show your personality. Sakshi did a good job through her friendly photos and parts of her copy.
  7. Present unambiguous call-to-actions and clear directions on what you expect the reader to do next.
  8. No word is a filler. Every word is a brick that helps build the house that you’re going to sell.
  9. Show what you talk about. If you talk about offering to voice audiobooks, animations, or public service announcements, present examples exactly where you talk about your offer.
  10. Check your links. A broken link is a broken connection to your reader. It speaks volumes when experience breaks and it’s you to blame.
  11. Test through the eyes of your reader. If they’re visiting your site on their mobile—where it says “click on the ‘Get in Touch’ button at the top :)” and there is no such button—they will leave the site.

Whilst Sakshi did well with her very personal approach—something that Jon can learn from—she missed opportunities to sell her service. But it can be fixed through the copy I suggested above.

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