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You’re lucky! The first 90 email campaigns I analyze for free, and 90 out of 90 free analyses are still available. Read below why I’m offering this service.

Get your campaign analyzed!

Write me a blank email if you’d like to get your email campaign analyzed.

I understand, speak and write English and German fluently.

A few more details…

Since you don’t know me I’d like to change that. I analyze one of your email campaigns. I work with you for free, produce the best results I can, and we go from there.

After you sent your request to receive a free analysis I will reply within 24 hours if I’m available.

In my reply, I will ask for the URL of the opt-in form to see your campaign in action, and I need to know the progress your reader has made in his buyer’s journey.

Within 15 to 30 days you’ll get the analysis, my optimized copy and suggestions for your email marketing strategy.

Without a risk you can see how I work and what results I can produce. And only if the results blow you away will we talk about compensation. The results should speak for themselves to make it a no-brainer for you to pay me good money in relation to the value I provided for you.

You don’t want to buy a pig in a poke, and I want you to run a more successful business. That’s what you get.

And if you liked my analysis, tell a friend about it. I’m offering this free service for up to 90 people.

You can also hop on my email list to learn copywriting hacks and tricks that help you sell more every time you send an email. Or you can read why I’m helping people like you.

Here’s why I’m doing it…

I’m best at encouraging people - in person, through writing and with the help of my vocal voice. It’s my natural gift. My particular interest lies in encouraging independent makers like you and promote what they do. Promoting can take various shapes and sizes.

And, independent means: bootstrapped or funded with no 3rd-party capital or VC capital.

My plan is to analyze a ninety email campaigns for free (no strings attached) and build up a relation to the individual indie maker who I made the analysis for. I have zero expectations in terms of the immediate outcome because this is a long-term project and strategy.

My hope is that eventually people see me as someone they can trust because I did something for them (that is extraordinary to a degree) but it’s actually for the benefit of the indie maker community as a whole. I could talk about how much I care about the indie scene and their importance but it would „just“ be words. That’s why I decided to pick something that I’m good at, that adds value (also business-wise) to the maker and that I enjoy doing because it’s actually a fun ride to do these examinations :)

I’m also naturally a giving person because to me giving without worrying about a return is awesome.

By demonstrating the indie maker that I care about what he or she is doing it should feel more natural for the maker to trust me. I’ll see how that works in the long term because I know that building up relationships takes a while.

The bigger picture (with some manifesto-esque words):

My obsession with indie makers is socio-economic-politically motivated: More Indie makers (= those who dare to make) means there’s more choice and more variety of products. This makes the marketplace more colorful and creates a nice situation of coopetition in my desired kind of economy (Economy for the Common Good).

By empowering indie makers and putting them in a powerful (democratic) position, I’m contributing to the avoidance of establishing monopolies or de-facto monopolies. If you think you can’t do anything about a situation, becoming an indie maker (writer, painter, photographer, designer, filmmaker, attentive citizen, tech service provider, etc.) is your sure shot to have a belly belt of options and things you can do for yourself and those you care about.

You can call it my mission statement if you want. Whatever the name is that you find for it, when I think about the empowerment of you and all those other great independent makers in my late-night walks, I know that this the right thing because it feels right. And if I learned one thing in the last years it’s that: If it feels right, it is the right thing to do.

Go beyond your free analysis…

You can also work with me on your email campaigns. I write email copy and develop marketing strategies for your business growth.

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