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I’m hearing online creators say…

I love what I do, I wanna do it all the time.

But I hate marketing and selling myself, and I’m not good at business.

I need someone to do it for me.

Loving what you do, knowing why you do it, and creating with devotion is with no doubt the number one reason why you continue while others quit. But you can’t live on love alone, as a business owner there are two more things you need to do... which I’ll tell you about later on.

You do it for yourself, but people also love and buy it, wouldn’t that be wonderful?

First, let me appreciate your attention and acknowledge who you are…

I know you’re good at what you’re doing and people enjoy being with you. You’re a friendly person but selling makes you feel uncomfortable.

I understand.

You’re not greedy for money, you only want to have some money when times get tough, when doctors need to get paid or to go on a vacation or just eat at that pricey restaurant, and having a little fun here and there.

Here’s one solution…

Imagine we all had a state-provided basic income that would cover our expenses so that we then could do whatever we want with our time and follow our creativity and art, I would love that.

But we’re not there yet.

Money is not evil, your lack of money is the problem

I’ve been an independent crossover artist and business owner for more than 12 years. In my 20s I’ve lived 25 to 50 percent below the poverty line here in Germany. I was poor and prided myself in being a “survival artist”. I thought it was cool. Truth to be told, without the support of my mother I wouldn’t have made it.

That’s why I started taking business seriously.

Back in 2014 I was as educated in terms of finances, business, and numbers as you are today. So I spent the next 5 years immersing myself into the world of business. I learned about the difference between being poor because of a poor mindset and becoming wealthy while still staying broke.

I know you’re not broke. You have a few paying customers and you make nearly as much you would do with a day job but in less time. You have the time and you want more money.

So I thought about a solution that is working now and I found this…

I’m broke with intent but no longer poor, and now I have the business education and copywriting knowledge that lets the money fly through your window… and I want to share it with you.

Each month I work about 80 hours in my business (working with people like you and on my startup 3) and another 80 hours on my business (thinking, educating myself and creating assets as an alternative revenue stream).

Here’s what you get

On a per-month basis, I offer hands-on consulting for 1 team and 1 individual creator running a small business. I’m helping up to 2 clients per month. That’s all I can handle realistically.

If you’re a solopreneur continue reading.

If you’re part of a multi-person company click here.

For established but struggling solo business owners

I guide you from no email list to the first 100 email subscribers. Having an email list is important for your business. If you don’t know why, I can explain it to you.

We will talk twice a month for an hour to check in, plan, strategize, and review.

I invest 10 hours of my time into consulting for your business (worth 10.000 €) and you invest only 250 € but I need 100 % mental and time commitment that you want to succeed. I have 1 slot per month. I would like for you to be that one. However, I’m currently booked until October 2020 which means that I can put you on my waiting list if you book your slot here (and there you need to answer to the waiting list question accordingly).

The value I can provide for you is the sum of 12 years of business education, my network, my specialized email copywriting knowledge that I acquired by investing five figures and counting, the knowledge of my peers, and the business connections I’ve made over the years. That’s why an hour of individual consulting is worth one thousand euros. I invested upfront and now I’m making this knowledge and experience that I gained accessible for you at an affordable price. You only invest 2,5 percent of what it’s worth.

You can try it out for a month and then we can see what the results were.

How does that sound to you?

Keep in mind: I don’t have to do this, it’s even economically stupid (it’s not profitable) but I want to do it because I don’t want you to run through the miserable times that I had.

In 2017 I had made 44k which is the revenue of the previous 10 years summed up. That’s 4,4k per year! There are people within our reach who earn that and multiples of that per month, and I know some of them. You don’t want to live from 366 euros per month, you simply don’t!

Scratch those 250 € together and try it out for a month! If you like it, we can continue working together on a monthly basis.

For multi-person companies

This is what’s in it for you.

We work 1:1 intensively like business partners and I share my very best strategies to help you flourish with your online business.

I work according to a standardized process which you have to agree to before we start working together.

Each month, I invest about 30 hours of my time into consulting for your business (worth 30k €), strategizing, planning, and creating business assets that make money work for you. In comparison to my offer for solo businesses, there is no fixed price per month and no hourly limit because…

…we work based on performance and added value that I provided for your business. I have 1 slot per month, you can apply here to be considered working with me.

Keep in mind that I’m running this offer for a limited time. It’s a test balloon to see how much of a difference I can make in your business. I don’t know when I’ll put it on hold, so I encourage you to try it out for a month. If it works well for you, we can talk about working together for a longer period of time. Just know that I’m investing everything I’ve got into these up to 30 hours for you. I’m excited to get to know your product and help make it visible to more people.

Who is

I know, it’s not polite to introduce myself that late. But I figured it would be wiser to first show you what you can get and then say who I am.

Alexander Kluge, Bootstrapper at

My name is Alexander Kluge. I run this site named and an email copywriting service that helps creators, artists, and for-purpose companies do more of what they love. I plan, strategize, and create email sequences, opt-in landing pages, and sales funnels. Investing into your email list is the single best thing you can do for your business.

Gift your business and get started with email marketing, and I’m helping you get it off the ground!

You love your craft but only two business numbers matter… replies in your inbox & money in your bank

If you have dedication and love for your product and service, that’s great! But you want to continue doing so. With empty seats in front of you, there’s nobody paying… money and attention. You have to consider how many people are replying to your messages and how many of them have paid.

You’re lucky...

I can help you set up an email list and reach your first 100 subscribers within a month, and I consult your startup through sales strategies and the implementation of them.

If you want to work with me, please fill out this questionnaire.


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  3. My startup is Studiolist which is a search engine that is listing the best recording studios for digital voiceover nomads. ↩︎

  4. According to the Human Era Calendar ↩︎

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