Copywriting articles for indies

Here’s a collection of my articles that will teach you some of the best email marketing strategies and copywriting tweaks I’ve learned. My name is Alexander Kluge, in case you missed it. Click the button below 👇 to get articles like this delivered to your inbox before they’re published. If you join my list, you will also learn three tricks (and a secret) to say the right thing at the right time to the right person.

Evergreen basics of copywriting

Timeless pieces of advice on writing persuasive copy, inspired by Vladislav Melnik.

What Shakespeare can teach you about clarity in your sales copy

„To be, or not to be.“ These are six words (or 19 characters) from Hamlet. Without a doubt, this is William Shakespeare’s most famous quote, and probably one of the most well-known quotes ever. The German translation „Sein oder Nichtsein.“ with 20 characters or 3 words is equally short. What do we learn from brevity of word count and choice of words?

The second most important element in copywriting

This simple element makes good copywriters legendary. With it, your sales are rising. Without, you lost already. It is tiny, small and inconspicuous. But still. It is powerful. Before we start, I need to clarify something.