The incredible story of Katinka

A continuous story with intentional gaps

Updated once every day, each paragraph is ~10 seconds long.

Your task: Read only, or read and fill the gaps.

Once upon a time, there was a young girl who wanted to become an actor. She was at an age that teenagers considered old. She didn’t hear the „peng!“, they said. What was her problem?

(Fill the gap…)

That’s why she felt insecure and looked for an ally to stand by her, no matter what. You don’t know her yet, but will you trust her if she promises to open her heart for you?

(Fill the gap…)

Thank you for your promises. The journey can begin. Pack your stuff. You have 5 minutes. Grab only what’s essential. Oh, and before we go, let’s introduce each other. Her name is Katinka. What’s your name?

(Fill the gap…)

Incredible Katinka

Photo credit: Olly Joy

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