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Week 117: Journey to 1,000 True Fans

(you can also read the 🇩🇪German translation: Woche 117: Reise zu 1.000 Echten Fans)

I just made my life harder.

But also better in the long run, I hope.

Week 117: Journey to 1,000 True Fans
Week 117: Journey to 1,000 True Fans

I switched from HEY World to Buttondown and my naii.io platform.

With HEY World, I was able to send an email that would turn into a blog post. That’s great, but the blog post gives SEO juice to their domain, hey.com (world.hey.com), instead of my naii.io. That’s no good!


This is my journey to 1,000 true fans, week 117 (Mar 27 to Apr 2, 2023), and you’re reading the director’s cut of the full story, which is part of my “Journey to 1K True Fans”.

You can now continue reading, watch the video summary below, or sign up for my private email list to get the full {Sunday Truth} story.

Video summary for tl;dr people

A bit of background

For 96 weeks I had been sharing my journey on my private email list only, in what I call the {Sunday Truth}.

Starting in week 97, I shared the {Sunday Truth} via private emails and public blog posts for 20 weeks, until week 116.

Here’s a list of my public {Sunday Truth} blog posts on my HEY World blog:

The truth is…

I prioritize the people that are on my private email list, and you can be that person:

Alexander Kluge (aka naii.io)

I run a voiceover studio, naii.io, document how I produce original stories, while building my dream company, suse.la, and try to survive in a pendulum of existential angst and lust for adventure!

What to do now


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People on my list receive the full {Sunday Truth} story and other benefits that I’m not sharing publicly online.

What I’m sharing with the online public is only a fraction of the whole story.


I’m writing this abbreviated version mainly for my brother, because his patience is low, and he only cares about facts.

In any case.

Here’s what happened in the last 7 days of my life and business, so I can come closer to reaching 1,000 true fans:

1️⃣ ✅ voice-recorded my bilingual 🇺🇸🇩🇪 Ads Demo Reel (7×2 scripts)

2️⃣ ✅ video-recorded my bilingual 🇺🇸🇩🇪 Ads Demo Reel (7×2 scripts)

3️⃣ ✅ sent a bilingual 🇺🇸🇩🇪 job application to Kurzgesagt: Social Media Editor

4️⃣ ✅ published bilingual 🇺🇸🇩🇪 video 1 of my Ads Demo Reel on YouTube

English: i feel like shit

German: geht mir scheiße

5️⃣ ✅ published bilingual 🇺🇸🇩🇪 voiceover 1 of my Ads Demo Reel on Bandcamp

English: Every-day man (conversational)

Script 1/7 EN: Every-day man (conversational)

German: Normalo (wie ein Gespräch)

Skript 1/7 DE: Normalo (wie ein Gespräch)

That’s it for this week.

Read you in the next one ✌️.

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