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Pages I analyzed


Learn how to vlog and start vlogging, by Cory Miller

Learn Javascript with Zell

Build 20 real JS components from scratch, by Zell Liew

Return The Favor

An award-winning animated short film produced in a Japanese vocational school, by Maru Exposito

Personalized Gift Artworks

Crafting a one-of-a-kind artwork with colors and ink that as unique as the person being gifted, by Sam Shennan

Crafting Effective Case Studies

Learn to put past projects to work by turning them into case studies, by Jordan Aspen (Elisheva). Read my analysis here.

Toonstop’s design process

Look over John’s shoulder while he’s walking you through the process of creating astonishing character designs, by John T. Valles II. Read my analysis here.

What people were saying after my analysis

Maru Exposito (Return The Favor)

Thank you for your AMAZING landing page analysis. It is extremely useful to see how fresh eyes see it. Now I have a better understanding on what works and what doesn’t which is pretty contrary to what I thought!

Cory Miller (Vlogology)

This is such a great read and great feedback! Much of what I was hoping for is in there, which is good. [...] This is a great rundown and very fair, well done :)

Sam Shennan (Personalized Gift Artworks)

Woah, I just read all this and it knocked me off my seat. Thanks so much for being so honest and even giving me the feelings you had about different sections.

Hearing that emotional reaction you had to the prices made me cringe.

I’ll be tearing this apart first thing tomorrow and pulling in your advice.

Thanks so much!

Later, Sam added:

I went in and made all the changes you suggested to my sales page you analyzed.

I was blown away by how thorough you were with it man!

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