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The first 100 landing pages I analyze for free. Read below why I’m offering this service.

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The delivery of the analyses is back to normal. Expect to receive your analysis within the usual 30 to 45 days. This is a free service that I’m offering on top of running a full-time business and a few startups. I hope you understand.

You’re lucky! 82 out of 100 free analyses are still available.

I understand, speak and write English and German fluently.

I also do spontaneous, ad-hoc landing-page „roasts“ for other indie makers, like this one for Crystal Camarao.

How it works

  1. Send a blank email (I wrote the subject line already), and I’ll reply within 24 hours.
  2. I’ll ask for your first name, the URL of your landing page (one page per person) and at what stage of the buyer’s journey your ideal website visitor (or reader) is. If you don’t know about the buyer’s journey and its six stages, I’ll tell you in my reply.

Pages I „roasted“

A landing page roast is rougher and more raw than a complete landing page analysis (as you can see below) but they only take 60 to 90 minutes instead of 15 (or even up to 30) hours.

Digitally Well

Find harmony with technology without ditching your smartphone, by Crystal Camarao. Read my analysis here.

Annotation: I put in another three hours to give additional feedback to Crystal (she didn’t ask for it), so it turned into a close to 5-hour analysis and optimization which is ok because it’s for a good cause.

Pages I analyzed


Learn how to vlog and start vlogging, by Cory Miller

Learn Javascript with Zell

Build 20 real JS components from scratch, by Zell Liew

Return The Favor

An award-winning animated short film produced in a Japanese vocational school, by Maru Exposito

Personalized Gift Artworks

Crafting a one-of-a-kind artwork with colors and ink that as unique as the person being gifted, by Sam Shennan

Crafting Effective Case Studies

Learn to put past projects to work by turning them into case studies, by Jordan Aspen (Elisheva). Read my analysis.

Toonstop’s design process

Look over John’s shoulder while he’s walking you through the process of creating astonishing character designs, by John T. Valles II. Read my analysis.


AI Website Builder

Uberspace - Hosting on Asteroids

A German web hosting company for technical people (hackers, Shell lovers, Unix friends, privacy enthusiasts) and creatives in various fields (inventing, making, creating, writing, photography), by the Uberspace team which is Jonas, Andreas, Matthias, Moritz, Micoto, Kim, Natascha, Michael, Christian, Nicolas und Leah. Read my analysis.

AStA at KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)

KIT is one of the leading universities for engineering and the natural sciences in Europe. AStA is the General Students’ Committee at KIT.

Queer Lexikon

Germany’s number one online hub for queer/LSBAATIPQQ+ teenagers offering videos, podcasts, a blog, a sorrow box with Q&A, a lexicon and a glossary that is explaining the most important „queer” words.

German and Germany-based web-hosting service provider founded in 2013. Read my analysis.


Express Optimization and Analysis (EOA). For 500 € excl. VAT I analyze a landing page with up to 2.500 words of copy and send you my full analysis report incl. the optimized copy text as well as the amended HTML and CSS code. Ready for delivery within 2–3 business days.

Request your analysis: Send me a telegram with the first line „New EOA for my landing page“. I ignore messages with a different first line, and I reply to your Telegram message when available within 24 hours from Monday to Thursday.

What people were saying after my analysis


After receiving the landing page analysis (LPA) from Alex, I was astonished how many things we made wrong on our landing page. I immediately shared it with my colleagues, and we started to improve our website. The analysis was well structured, and it was easy for us to follow the steps and his thoughts. Thank you very much!

Crystal Camarao (Digital marketer from the Philippines):

Oh wow thank you so much for putting so much effort into this! 😭 I used all the copy you suggested. Forever grateful. 🙌🙌 thank you so, so much for helping me. I see you’re a copywriter and you’re really good at it! I wish you the best in your career.

In response to the analysis of Uberspace, Clemens Prill said:

Impressive feedback and very well to understand. That's the kind of consulting I would seek for, if I had to pay an expert. I learned a lot by just reading it! Well done @Naii!

— Clemens (@ClemensPrill) August 6, 2019

Michael Lutonsky (Uberspace):

The analysis you presented is pretty overwhelming and very well structured! I immediately shared it with our team. They are also pretty stoked about what you produced! We love in particular all the alleys you explored, but abandoned. It gives the analysis much greater depth and makes it easy to follow your process.

Thank you so very much. It took us way too many years to get rid of our old 2010-looking site, onto a new, fancy version. Reading your feedback makes us very happy and is incredibly reassuring that - at least in the big picture - we did the right thing.

Maru Exposito (Return The Favor):

Thank you for your AMAZING landing page analysis. It is extremely useful to see how fresh eyes see it. Now I have a better understanding on what works and what doesn’t which is pretty contrary to what I thought!

Cory Miller (Vlogology):

This is such a great read and great feedback! Much of what I was hoping for is in there, which is good. [...] This is a great rundown and very fair, well done :)

Sam Shennan (Personalized Gift Artworks):

Woah, I just read all this and it knocked me off my seat. Thanks so much for being so honest and even giving me the feelings you had about different sections.

Hearing that emotional reaction you had to the prices made me cringe.

I’ll be tearing this apart first thing tomorrow and pulling in your advice.

Thanks so much!

Later, Sam added:

I went in and made all the changes you suggested to my sales page you analyzed.

I was blown away by how thorough you were with it man!

Here’s why I’m doing it:

I’m best at encouraging people - in person, through writing and with the help of my vocal voice. It’s my natural gift. My particular interest lies in encouraging independent makers like you and promote what they do. Promoting can take various shapes and sizes.

And, independent means: bootstrapped or funded with no 3rd-party capital or VC capital.

My plan is to analyze a hundred landing pages for free (no strings attached) and build up a relation to the individual indie maker who I made the analysis for. I have zero expectations in terms of the outcome because this is a long-term project and strategy.

My hope is that eventually people see me as someone they can trust because I did something for them (that is extraordinary to a degree) but it’s actually for the benefit of the indie maker community as a whole. I could talk about how much I care about the indie scene and their importance but it would „just“ be words. That’s why I decided to pick something that I’m good at, that adds value (also business-wise) to the maker and that I enjoy doing because it’s actually a fun ride to do these examinations :)

I’m also naturally a giving person because to me giving without worrying about a return is awesome.

By demonstrating the indie maker that I care about what he or she is doing it should feel more natural for the maker to trust me. I’ll see how that works in the long term because I know that building up relationships takes a while.

The bigger picture (with some manifesto-esque words):

My obsession with indie makers is socio-economic-politically motivated: More Indie makers (= those who dare to make) means there’s more choice and more variety of products. This makes the marketplace more colorful and creates a nice situation of coopetition in my desired kind of economy (Economy for the Common Good).

By empowering indie makers and putting them in a powerful (democratic) position, I’m contributing to the avoidance of establishing monopolies or de-facto monopolies. If you think you can’t do anything about a situation, becoming an indie maker (writer, painter, photographer, designer, filmmaker, attentive citizen, tech service provider, etc.) is your sure shot to have a belly belt of options and things you can do for yourself and those you care about.

You can call it my mission statement if you want. Whatever the name is that you find for it, when I think about the empowerment of you and all those other great independent makers in my late-night walks, I know that this the right thing because it feels right. And if I learned one thing in the last years it’s that: If it feels right, it is the right thing to do.


After you sent your request to receive a free analysis I will reply within 24 hours if I’m available.

If you want to work with me beyond the free analysis, consider my Express Optimization and Analysis. You can also work with me on your email campaigns. I write and strategize email copy.

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