Sharing business revenue numbers

Sharing the gross revenue numbers (not the net income!) of my business from when I started until today.

My revenue growth in 11 business years - in 2016, when I paid back my debt, my business grew


44,286 € = 42,970 € (a) plus 1,316 € (b)


14,515 € = 11,061 € (a) plus 3,454 € (b)

It was the year when I got rid of my 6K debts and it obviously did something to my business.


6,200 € (a)


5,640 € = 2,637 € (a) plus 3,003 € (b)


3,679 € (a)


5,076 € (a) plus 1,898 € salary (b)


2,612 € (a) plus 4,208 € salary (b)


790 € (a) plus 4,288 € salary (b)


110 € (a) plus 4,939 € salary (b)


1,940 € (a) plus 4,722 € employment salary (b)


1,773 € (a)


In 1 year I made the revenue of 10 years summed up:

In 1 year I made the revenue of 10 years summed up


Note that I’m running two businesses: (a) one as a media artist (currently active) and (b) another as a cleaning person (since 2014, but since February 2018 on hold). The numbers are the merged numbers of both businesses, and both businesses are client-work-based.

Also note that from 2006 to 2013 I was a student with a student’s job (employed) that gave me around 400 € per month - this income I don’t include here because I was doing it as an employee.

Keep in mind as well that I didn’t pay rent up until July 2016 because of my low income. Up until today I’m renting a small room at my mum’s house in Berlin which gives me the flexibility to only pay rent when I’m there and not pay rent when I’m absent. Therefore, when I’m traveling I don’t pay accommodation twice (for the room in Berlin and at the place where I’m traveling to). Yes, I also find it a nice way to support my not so super ordinary lifestyle.

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