My 10 Values

The following ten values command my actions.

1️⃣ Work with great people

I work with great people I like and that like me back. If it feels like, can become, or even is a friendship, I continue to work together. I always work with, never for, and have fun doing it. I filter out assholes and I stop when we’re no longer having fun.

2️⃣ No “for free”

I always get paid for every part of my work. I work pro-bono only if I explicitly say so. I work for-profit unless I’ll switch my business model to a charity.

3️⃣ Focus

I say “No” to most things: Features or business expansion requests. People. Partnerships. A “coffee”. Projects. Only a few of them really matter. (Yes, it’s hard to know which ones.) But I try hard to not get distracted.

4️⃣ Take action

I think less about how I’m doing something and make sure I’m doing it. I use my younger years (I’m 39) to think less and do more. Indecision paralyzes me, and I don’t let it. “And action!” is the motto. I start things until one of them hits. When I try a lot, it will be easier for me to see which one has a future.

5️⃣ Big challenges that mean something

I take on big challenges that mean something to me. Less people do what’s hard, even though it’s valuable. Easy things are less valuable, but many people do them. Example: Reaching the top of a mountain is worthwhile because it’s hard. If it were easy, everyone would do it. I like to learn, always learn, and know myself better.

6️⃣ Take care of yourself

I take care of myself. If I don’t sleep enough, eat junk, don’t exercise, and am on adrenaline too long, my performance suffers. My health suffers. My decisions suffer. My company suffers.

7️⃣ Embrace people close to you

I embrace the people close to me. If my company fails, I haven’t failed at life. I only have when my relationships irreversibly end.

8️⃣ Do the right thing

I do the right thing. My intuition knows what is right. I’m honest with myself and my business partners.

9️⃣ Look to the future and dare to do new things

I look into the future and dare to do something new that gives me a tummy tingle. I enjoy life, because only when I achieve things and I’m fulfilled in the process, I will reap lasting happiness with my actions. The next step towards it is always in front of me.

🔟 Survive and experiment

I survive and experiment. The purpose of life is to help and continue to exist so that I can help. What I leave to people also exists. I think of what I bequeath to humanity. Only in my lifetime can I build that.

As inspired by Jonathan Jennings Harris’ “Etc” (currently offline), Ev Williams’ (founder of Medium.com) Formula for Entrepreneurial Success, Eike König (founder of Berlin-based HORT) in a Google Hangout with TRImarchi, the Jack Daniels print ad, “Jack was never one to follow others. But they were always welcome to visit,” and my own thoughts and reflections.

These values command my actions.

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