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Hey, it’s the naii.io 🇺🇸🇩🇪 bilingual voiceover demos!

You can find my German demos here.

🇺🇸 English

🇺🇸 Commercial Demo Reel

🇺🇸 International English01:58

My voice range goes from every-day man 👨🏻‍🦱 (listen) to:

My demo reel was produced by suse.la in English and German, both audio and video.

Individual performances (7)

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Every-day man (conversational)00:29
Over-the-top announcer00:32
Dry matter-of-fact00:29
Cartoony and charactery00:25
Old and young feat. Childish Gambino - 300501:15
Deep and gravelly00:48
Youthful and hip00:23

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I’m a multilingual nomadic voice actor and ad-writer, German native, English-trained, and residing voiceover artist at c/o ARTtraktiv GmbH - Frank-Zappa-Str. 11 - 12681 Berlin, Germany.

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