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if you’re impatient,

an attention whore,

full of FOMO,

obsessed with making a quick buck,

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This is a slow, friendly, and sometimes funny email newsletter.

In fact...

The only hand-written email newsletter on the internet.

Every day, you get an email with personal words,

written in the past* tense,

to make you feel something in the present moment.

With slow words from a fellow human survivor.

Do you not want to survive?

A touch of slow-grow-like-nature.

In a world that is obsessed with hydra-connected velocity.



Alexander Kluge - naii.io - Ecommerce Copywriter, Persuasive Email Storyteller for Creator Brands
my visage, say hi.




I hand-write on the internet and publish hand-written books**.

Each piece is an original and unique—naturally.

Oh, and I hand-copy other people’s articles and books and then send the author my carefully created piece as a gift and as a way of appreciating them and their thoughtfulness.

As a counterweight to the manic hydra-speed in our hydra-connected world.


We do our best work when we work deeply,

with careful attention.

You can shop my favorite pen and paper here...
(once I will have them.)

(You’ll get my favorite typeface as well.)

Thank you, Neil Gaiman, we will have never met. But it was a pleasure to see you shine with Timothy Ferriss.

*according to my credo: don’t tell me what you’re going to do, tell me what you got done

**that’s why my books are short and feel more like personal letters from me to you rather than mass-produced pieces of impersonal Einheitsbrei.




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