Hey, it’s naii.io!

Puh, I’m glad you made it, I thought you wouldn’t… Man, this internet is a jungle. Please put away your machete and unload your gun, no meat-eaters here. It’s only you and me, you’re safe. Oh, and I’m Alex, I encourage makers like you and promote what they do. But ay also build, write and invent if a thing not exists yet. Below is my latest obsession. What are you working on? Let’s meet!

My latest obsession: a voiceover search-engine startup


In 2020 I’m giving my startup Studiolist.org its last shot because I’ve been working on it since 2017. Within 12 months, a budget of 12k EUR (which are all my savings), and 20 hours per week I want to build the largest search engine of voiceover recording studios.

I’m documenting everything on YT.

Biz inquiry?

Send me a telegram with the first line saying „Biz inquiry!“ and one (!) sentence on what the request is about. I ignore messages of unknown senders that don’t follow these instructions, or if I’m not interested in your request. Or send a request through my contact form.


My name is Alex. I run naii.io and the YouTube channel „Supertramp Serenity ÷ Pan Tropilactica” as a creative outlet.

I’m an artist and indie maker like you and only happen to have learned sales, marketing, and coding. Now I’m using that knowledge to help fellow artists and makers promote their great products, deeds, and services.

I’m coding the biggest search engine of voiceover recording studios, and I’m teaching at an open, for-free writing programm called freewritecamp.org where I help you find a topic to write about among other things.

I believe in democracy, hope, optimism, and paradise. That’s why I’m building Paradise Island and writing the book PARADISE. You can join the waiting list for the book.

When I’m not working, I write, sing, travel, voice, act, talk to people, take photos, make films, produce music and videos, research identities, teach copywriting, and do sports.


For more informal posts, follow me on Twitter, toot me on Mastodon or read my blog.


My private email list

For new blog articles, short pieces, (rare) big announcements that I don’t post publicly, and tips on how to write emails that are genuine but also sell effectively, hop on my private email list, here:

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