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Puh, I’m glad you made it, I thought you wouldn’t… Man, this internet is a jungle. Please put away your machete and unload your gun, no meat-eaters here. It’s only you and me, you’re safe. Oh, and I’m Alex, I write until I start bleeding and I connect with creators like you. Ay build, write and invent if a thing not exists yet. Below is my latest obsession. What are you working on? Let’s meet!

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I failed with many startups.

Now I’m starting again.

I’m not giving up.

🏁 Goal: I’m building susé patrola, and when done, I’ll be moving to 🇸🇬 Singapore.

I’m sharing the truth about building susé.

Only raw facts and real words. No BS.

Every Sunday… my Sunday Truth.

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    At the very least, the Sunday Truth is a weekly accountability tool so that us creators…

    Keep producing stuff without finding excuses and without procrastination unless you’re intentionally procrastinating as a creative technique or it helps you relax…

    …or whatever.

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    My latest obsession:

    Going private & public at the same time

    I’m writing texts for 1,4 cents per word which is not a lot but it helps me pay the bills of about 960 euros per month while I’m creating stories, sharing them on YouTube, and publicly building my story production company, Susé Patrola.

    I’m also documenting the truth in a weekly YouTube show, in a secret daily podcast on Anchor and at Gravy For The Brain (my favorite voiceover community).

    Every Sunday you also get my private Sunday Truth straight into your inbox - I’m using ConvertKit to send my emails. You can sign up if you click here.


    When I’m not producing stories for love or documenting in public or writing texts for money, I’m surfing Skillshare for the newest skill I want to learn, I’m learning Arabic in public, or I’m having fun with a bunch of people at Learn Monthly where so far I’ve learned how to dance, make music like YouTuber Andrew Huang and sing like a pro.


    I you don’t enjoy the hectic world out there, I invite you to have a look at my cosy calm(est) corner in the interwebs, my private email list.


    About me in a nutshell

    I run naii.io and the YouTube channel Susé Patrola as a creative outlet.

    I’m an artist, voiceover friend, copywriter, and indie maker like you.

    And I happen to have learned sales, marketing, and coding. Now I’m using that knowledge to help fellow VO artists and indie makers promote their great products, deeds, and services.

    I believe in democracy, hope, optimism, and paradise. That’s why I’m building Paradise Island and writing the book PARADISE. You can join the waiting list for the book.

    Here’s more about the stuffs (no typo!) I’ve been doing:

    Biz inquiry?

    Send me a telegram with the first line saying „Biz inquiry!“ and one (!) sentence on what the request is about. I ignore messages of unknown senders that don’t follow these instructions, or if I’m not interested in your request. Or send a request through my contact form.

    When I’m not working, I write, sing, travel, voice, act, talk to people, take photos, make films, produce music and videos, research identities, teach copywriting, and do sports.

    p.s. besides business and creativity, I’m an amateur human and explorer of the world.

    you just met naii.io - I invent, act, build, travel, write - follow me on YouTube, Twitter or Mastodon