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Puh, I’m glad you made it, I thought you wouldn’t… Man, this internet is a jungle. Please put away your machete and unload your gun, no meat-eaters here. It’s only you and me, you’re safe. Oh, and I’m Alex, I encourage makers like you and promote what they do. But ay also build, write and invent if a thing not exists yet. What are you working on?

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Send me a telegram with the first line saying „Biz inquiry!“ and one (!) sentence on what the request is about. I ignore messages of unknown senders that don’t follow these instructions, or if I’m not interested in your request.


I’m the maker of, Illuminate, Studio List, stolenvoice, Join Democracy, Help me find a topic to write about and Paradise Island. When I’m not working, I travel, talk to people, research identities and do sports. Before, I made a 27-minute short film , wrote a book on the user experience of text adventures, and made a dozen educational animation videos for a travel startup - also a video about a tiny country in Central Europe that 23K people watched. To date, „Is Being A Digital Nomad A Lie?“ is my most popular blog article in the web, maybe you read it. Follow me on Twitter, Mastodon or read my lastest post. You can join my free email course „Story Creation Masterclass“ now and pre-order my book PARADISE soon.


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Latest moments I’m proud of


Film, photo, travel and social moments I’m most proud of (or simply enjoyed a lot), and I want to share them with you.

In my main profession I’m a voice actor and I have many side interests. Among them are film, photography, traveling and meeting new people. This is my way to give room to these interests.

Relive and see my little, almost invisible moments that turned into precious memories

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2017 gross revenue: 44,286 €

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What I think you should know

If those #28dayslater projects fail, all 12, I’ll focus on writing stories and selling them as books (as my plan B).

Yes, 12 projects like „12 startups in 12 months“.

And yes, #28dayslater like the post-apocalyptic horror film because I’m giving myself no more than 28 days to work on a project. After 28 days, I stop and ship, and start to market it in 2-3 days to see if there’s interest. If there’s none, I start working on the next project until I reach twelve.

Date: 19.01.2018

I paused #28dayslater

On day 8 of #28dayslater - the first project I worked on was #studiolist - I stopped. I wasn’t able to integrate working on the project every day which I wanted if the deadline was only 28 days far. But I also didn’t want to let it die only after 8 days, so I decided to continue working on it as regular side-project and let it be my first product that aims to become a for-profit startup (or the other way around) and grows fast - according Pieter Levels definition: „A startup delivers a new product and grows it fast“ (or: a product delivers a new startup and grows it fast).

The execution of #28dayslater is not dead only delayed until the beginning of September 2018 - I wrote about a life-and-death-scenario to which I want to apply this 28-days deadline to. What stays valid, even if I postpone doing the #28dayslater, is that if all projects (it’s still going to be twelve!) fail - meaning I’m making no profit within 28 days of their existence, I’ll focus on writing stories and selling them as books. Basta :P

Although I started and announced the #28dayslater „project“ I don’t feel bad pausing it now. I think I needed to start it (and see how it feels having it started) in order to understand that with my „day job“, writing the book #soycubano and working on my voiceover career I’m having enough on my plate. Adding to work on #studiolist is fine but I won’t add more until September as you can read here (soon).

Date: 25.01.2018

Sanity overview

(so I remember what to concentrate on when stressed or dispersed because I tend to forget what’s important for me)

In dev.

Art & craft

to practice daily


never more than 1 product to develop at once


never more than 1 book to write at once

Daily ritual {~24h}

my ideal day

  1. Night: Sleep {8h}
  2. Morning: Walk 5km fast {~.75h}
  3. Morning: Brain dump + Work on book {~3h}
  4. Breakfast incl. social + orga {~1h}
  5. Day job in customer service (financial sector) {~2h}
  6. Lunch incl. social + orga {~1h}
  7. Midday: Practice voiceover {~1h}
  8. Midday: #weekdaykickoff {~.25h} - like a vlog but different, I’m sharing important thoughts so I express them (for the benefit of my sanity) and share them (for the benefit of the recipient)
  9. Midday: Workout (~.5h)
  10. Afternoon: Nap and relax {~1.5h}
  11. Afternoon: Work on next lesson of my masterclass {~1h}
  12. Afternoon: Work on product {~1h}
  13. Dinner incl. social + orga {~1h}
  14. Evening: Practice acting {~1h}
  15. Evening: Practice singing {~1h}

Date: 21.01.2018

Year design

started in 2017


it’s the 7th year after I started designing years






Applying 6+1 pattern
In summary


first year of designing my year so I’m in control of it

Date: 21.01.2018

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