You can spend two months looking for a sales writer, or you can invest 15 minutes of your time to read this page and find out if we’re a good fit.

Hey, it’s Alex. I’m a bootstrapper 1 like you, a crossover artist, and a sales engineer 2.

With the money I make from writing sales emails for voiceover businesses and indie companies, I’m building Studiolist 3 which is a search engine that is listing the best recording studios for digital voiceover nomads.

On this page I’m showing you how I work

I want to give you a clear idea about my process so that nothing surprises you in our future cooperation. Expect details. Below you can see an overview of this page’s content. Enjoy your stay :=)

IMPORTANT: If we are not yet working together, please read this entire page to get to know my process. This step is not optional. You must have read, understood and accepted my process before you fill out the application form to work with me 4.

If you do not agree with my process or parts of it, then there will be no cooperation between us. It’s the underlying framework for my work and only by using this framework can I achieve outstanding results. It is also in your best interest to invest 15 minutes in reading the process in advance rather than having lost hundreds of hours during a project that will have drowned later.


Everything with an asterisk * is required reading.

Read this first (the requirements): *

Read this after (my process): *

Further reading (you’re not required to read that but you can):

Our roles and responsibilities

You want results—the sooner the better—and with the least amount of involvement from your side. You expect me to be efficient in my gathering of information. You also expect me to be thorough and to get everything I need from you at the onset.

That’s why I’m working with my clients in the following way.

You are the client in our relationship. As a client, you are responsible for three things: goals, value, and content. You determine the goals, define the value, and provide the content. If I don’t have all three things, I won’t start the project. Note that defining the value is an exploratory process that takes time.

You come to me with content and goals, and we talk about the value. I take the content and goals and produce the value-driven result. I’m fully responsible for the execution and solving the problem. That’s what you hired me for.

You’re the expert in your field and I’m the expert in mine. You know your market, you know your target audience. You know your business and you know your goals. I will seek your expertise in every area that is your specialty. I do this thoroughly and I do it at the beginning (and if required during the campaign). I gather the information pertaining to your expertise before the project begins. So, your involvement in the process is the communication of content, value, and goals at the beginning of the project. I welcome your input in the preliminary phase.

I don’t allow you to get involved in the execution of the project and give input in the middle of my process. Execution is my area of expertise.

The kind of projects I can help you with

At the core of my service is email copywriting which includes:

  1. Sales email strategy, planning, and execution
  2. Email campaigns (auto-responders/automated sequences)
  3. Email opt-in landing pages (analysis and optimization of copy and HTML/CSS code)

My satellite services around email copywriting are:

Generally speaking, I’m available for English and German projects. I’m not a native English speaker. But I’m making sure my English copy is top-notch thanks to my two business partners from the US who double-check my texts. That’s why I’m confident about writing in English. And because German is my mother tongue, schreibe ich auch auf Deutsch 7.

If you need something different, just ask 8. (As long as it’s related to sales, storytelling, and customer service, I might be able to help.)

Who I’m looking forward to working with

I like working with people who are excited about what they’re doing. If they give me the honor of working with them to help make their product better, I’m all in.

I’m working with bootstrapping solopreneurs and small companies. Your goal is to help your customers and audience thrive. You also know your target audience well and have a clear sense of what you need to accomplish to make progress with your business. These are the kind of people I’m spending most of my time with, and since you are one of them you are looking for professionals who take full ownership of their process to craft something effective for your needs. And yes, I’m one of these professionals.

Email copywriting and selling your product excites me but I don’t work with anyone. I have certain expectations when working with clients and I want to present them to you now.

Requirements for email copywriting clients

I have a list of criteria that you need to meet. These are basic requirements that allow me to potentially achieve great results for your email copywriting:

  1. You have an email list.
  2. You have subscribers and they opted in for your emails with their consent. If you have no subcribers I can help get your first 100 subscribers within a month so that we have a foundation to work with.
  3. You’ve been trying to turn existing email readers into buyers and grow your email list. Keep in mind though that the size of your email list is less relevant than you might think. A business friend of mine made five figures in pre-selling his course and he had only 283 people on his list.
  4. Your product is great and ethical.
  5. You have a working system to implement email campaigns. If you struggle I can help you figure out how to set it up.
  6. You are profitable. I make exceptions but I’m mostly working with companies and bootstrappers who make money already. If you need guidance, we can talk about mentoring or consulting.
  7. You are a cool person. I want to enjoy communicating with you but if your ego or pride stands in the way we won’t have a good time.
  8. You are honest. If you lie to me, we will not find a way to work together.
  9. You are open to experimenting. Copywriting is science and art. More than half of the time, I research to find the one big idea. Then I craft the story, edit the words, and present the results to you. There’s a lot of testing involved, and I need you to be open for experiments and getting out of your comfort zone.

How I work

Before you invest the time to fill out the application form with your project request, I’d like to tell you a bit more about how I work so you can determine if applying is a worthwhile effort for you.

After working in client services for over a decade, I discovered two problems:

  1. Creative business owners love improving their products but struggle with sales
  2. Freelancers work as they’re told by business owners (their clients)

Both are busy but all they talk about is completing tasks instead of achieving business goals. It’s time for a change. Sure, we all want to pay our bills and build up some wealth but let’s concentrate our effort on providing a massive amount of value first. Money follows value.

My process is unlike many other copywriters’

My sales copy is the result of a process that allows me to deliver my best work.

In my process, I take full responsibility for creating the sales copy rather than asking clients or third parties to do my job for me by putting executive decisions on their shoulders.

This means that I don’t include changes, revisions, or multiple versions in my projects. Instead, I deliver my best solution, based on my client’s goals. This approach frees my clients so they can focus on what’s most important for their business or organization, and it gives me everything I need to craft something that your audience can connect with.

I’m confident to achieve great results and eager to learn but I’m not failsafe. So, if my solution doesn’t work as expected because the data says so, I’m giving it two more tries (three in total). Read how I execute.

Three best shots: A step by step execution

This is how my execution works: We will test a series of three things, and I’ll give it three shots.

In the first round, you run the copy exactly how I wrote it. You can only change a word if it’s legally or factually inaccurate, or if it’s not written how you would say it (in terms of your writing voice). If it doesn’t work, I’ll give it a second try.

If we need a second attempt and you run it word for word the way I had written it and it doesn’t work, we’ll go into the third and last round. If it doesn’t work neither, we’ll have to admit that the tests failed. We will then wrap up and review the project 9 and I will try to find someone who I think can help you better.

Summary: I’m giving it three hard, solid tries. We test it and see if it’s working. These three shots are covered by the project fee. No additional charges apply.

If you’re ok with my execution process, you can see below how I do business!

How I do business

Over the years I’ve developed a philosophy of how I want to do business with people. You’re maybe surprised by what you will read...

I’m not charging for general consulting unless it’s part of a project where I’m doing hands-on work or if the purpose of our talk is not educational. I don’t believe that having a conversation, an exchange of words, experiences, and knowledge, should be charged for. Education should be free of charge and open for everyone. But I charge business owners for specific email strategy and business strategy consulting.

However, if what I told this person resulted in a financial gain for them will I ask for a 10-percent share of the increase. In case the person doesn’t tell me about it or lied when I asked, and I find out, I won’t have another conversation with them. The person died for me.

This doesn’t mean that I’m wasting my time or don’t consider my time a valuable asset. The contrary is the case. I’m very picky who I talk to and consult with. And if the conversation is great and we are both enjoying it, I’m happy to talk longer than initially scheduled. That’s ok as long as there’s a fire and „magic“ between us. And because you read until here, you can schedule a 1-hour consulting call or meeting here and get 20 minutes of it for free. Write down the keyword: THOSEWHOREADWILLREAP. You will need it if you want 20 minutes of free email strategy and business/marketing consulting worth 333 EUR :)

I’m not a numbers person and I only get partially excited about increasing sales when that’s the only metric that matters to you. But I absolutely care about making people care about your product and your story. My email copy is conversational, not salesy, it’s humane not manipulative, and it’s worth reading because of the story being told. I focus on connection and care because then the sale follows naturally. Of course, I can only do that if the product addresses the needs of the buyer and solves their problem.

When and how I deliver

Wednesday around 6pm 10. I work efficiently, and I’m punctual. I deliver on time. If for any reason I won’t be able to deliver punctually, I will let you know as soon as I’m aware of a possible delay. I also don’t charge by the hour because my goal is to deliver a stunning result, not an inflated invoice that baffles you.

Great results require time, and as you can see above, you’ll always know in advance when to expect my delivery. But if there’s not enough time to do good research, I won’t rush it because it’s not in your interest. And I don’t allow anyone to micromanage my execution or watch the clock.

This means that I don’t do rush jobs. But since I’m not living under a rock, I know that circumstances can be crazy and unpredictable sometimes. So, if you have a very good reason (like an emergency) for why a job with a challenging deadline needs to get done, and you’re willing to pay my expensive rush fee (which is three times of what I charge for regular deliveries), go ahead and read on. This is the exception, not the rule, and I would prefer to keep it like that.

When I’m available

I work on Monday and Wednesday. That’s when I’ll be available for you and reply to your emails or have calls with you. If I have questions that are urgent and important I will ask you immediately (and not wait until Monday or Wednesday). Wednesday is when I send the deliverables.

I’m off-duty on the weekend (Fri-Sun), during my annual research trips, and every seventh week 11. Here’s my availability status...

I’ll be unavailable on these dates...

and on every weekend (Fri-Sun) 12.

(no research trip in 2019) 😕

If you want to work with me, consider my availability and follow the process.

Keep in mind that the availability above is valid as soon as we start working together (signed contract and first payment made). That’s important to me because better work gets done when there’s a higher time constraint. My availability is also limited because productivity is increased and it’s healthier for everyone.

What to do now (and what to expect next)

I would appreciate if you read the whole page. I know it’s a lot to read but it’s better to invest those 15 minutes beforehand rather than waste hours in a cooperation that went south.

If you agreed with what you read, then please click the button below and continuing filling out the form.

I will review your application, and after that, one of three things will happen:

  1. I will reach out to you within 1–2 business days and send you a link to schedule a call. During the meeting, we will talk further about your project, go through the answers you gave in your application, and there’ll be room for more questions and answers. This call will also give us the opportunity to see if the chemistry between us is right.
  2. If I can’t help you, I will reach out to my network and find someone who might be a better fit. If I found someone I’d get back to you.
  3. You won’t hear from me if I or someone in my network can’t help you, if I’m not interested in your request or if I’m unavailable 13.

Click the link below to return to the questionnaire.

Continue the questionnaire

P.S. Love is caring, and caring is contagious. You pass it on, intuitively. Once your reader cares, buying is what magically follows. Love has sales power. Love sells, and that’s why I help you sell your product with love, care, writing skills, and business strategy.


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  10. My delivery time is around 6pm CET/CEST with a buffer time of 30 to 45 minutes. ↩︎

  11. My goal is to establish the concept of 180-day businesses which you run for 6 months and the other 6 months you’re off doing something else. ↩︎

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