My personal goals for 2022

I’m hoping to go on a 1-month research trip abroad in September (maybe Tibet, Nepal, India, or another island this time). I started one-month research trips in 2017. I liked it so much that I did it again in 2018. In 2019, I didn’t do it because my business trips (4 months – €12k expenses) were so expensive that I had no more money left in September, plus I stopped working with that client who generated the majority of my income. 2020... well everyone knows about that :( In 2021, it also didn’t happen because I didn’t have the money, agency work didn’t allow me to take 1 month off, and Covid was still there.

I plan to get there by realizing the part of my 2022 business goal that says:

say goodbye to the copywriting agency work I’ve been doing

Because only when I’ll leave the agency will I have the time for a one-month offline trip. Of course, I also will need enough money to finance the research trip, but through savings that’s possible, too. So, first and foremost it’s a matter of time (freedom of time/availability).

The community can help me by reminding me of that goal and by sharing exciting travel adventures with me that inspire me where I could apply my research trip to.

What are your personal goals for the new year?

Share your personal goals 2022 on my Mastodon thread:

What to do now

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