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honestly, who cares whether or not you use A.I. for your voiceovers

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Or, leave a comment on what some voices in the industry say:

friends call me rob but i prefer mic
friends call me rob but i prefer mic

The end result matters.

And the resistance against A.I. in voiceover is just ridiculous.

  1. First you ignore A.I.
  2. Then you laugh at A.I.
  3. Then you fight A.I.
  4. Then A.I. wins. 2

We’re at level 2 to 3, whereas fighting is more of a discussing the topic. 3

But here’s what A.I. enables you to do in voiceover:

  1. You get the VO job done faster
  2. You deliver with consistency
  3. You make more money and work less

And here’s the biggie that I was anticipating anyway:

You’ll become a philosopher.

When you do client work, use A.I. voice cloning.

I’m currently experimenting with Descript’s Overdub voice cloning. I haven’t used it in a client project, but I will. Of course, voiceover live sessions are a different beast (no A.I. there), so for now A.I. is for non-live voiceover projects only.

When you study and you indulge into a text for critical analysis and intellectual examination, you use your own voice because it’s an instrument that you want keep trained for higher personal achievement, elevated insight, and greater wisdom.

To sum it up:

Your A.I. voice is for work. It gets the job done.

Your natural voice is for art and science. It’s your personal R&D, research and development, which you’ll now have more time to do.

Of course, you’re always free to use your natural voice or A.I. voice whenever you like. Now you have two choices, and that’s it. A.I. provides more choice and sometimes the choice is your voice, and sometimes it’s the A.I. voice clone from Jens in Sweden.

Oh, and here’s my tip: use A.I. voice creation internally. Don’t answer auditions where your voice is going to be cloned used for a $3,000 buyout, because then you sold your most valuable asset (your voice) and you only have one voice. 4

My conclusion:

Instead of fighting A.I. voice cloning, it’s time to embrace A.I. in voiceover.

So, I will pivot my voiceover marketing and explicitly say that I embrace both my human voice and my A.I.-generated voice clone. Now we’re two, and being schizophrenic feels less weird.

Thank you technology.

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  1. J. Michael Collins: Is It All Just Hype? Why AI Voiceover Might Just Be a Nothingburger After All ↩︎

  2. or A.I. voices live in peaceful co-existence with us human voices; just like television never died but co-exists with modern media. ↩︎

  3. i tried to make the famous Mahatma Ghandi quote work in the A.I. vs human context but it has its limits :D ↩︎

  4. technically, as a skilled VO you have more voices, but you get the point ↩︎