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Hey, it’s the naii.io voiceover blog!

With blood and pee, I have voiceover DNA (almost rhymes)
With blood and pee into the voiceover industry


About the author

I’m a multilingual nomadic voice actor and ad-writer, German native, English-trained, and residing voiceover artist at c/o ARTtraktiv GmbH - Frank-Zappa-Str. 11 - 12681 Berlin, Germany. If you’re in need of my services, and it’s urgent and important, you can email to what starts with “alexander”, continues with an at sign (@), and ends with the domain you’re on right now (naii.io)—sry, this is to protect my email address from spam.

What to do now


...get on my private email list, here:


If you’re in need of my voiceover services, please fill out my contact form to ensure a successful outcome.

In the 4-step form, I’m going to ask for:

  1. Booking requirements
    • 🇺🇸🇩🇪 language: German or English
    • 👩‍❤️‍👨 voice gender and age
    • 👨‍💼 additional services (if needed): copywriting, translation, ready-for-audience (edited + finished) voiceover delivery
  2. Additional details + Script
    • 🐥 project name
    • 📜 project description
    • 📝 script
    • 🔢 script length (words)
  3. Usage
    • 📢 broadcast audience size
    • 🌏 usage of recording
    • 🚚 turnaround time
  4. Money matters
    • 💰 budget

I can help you build trust, create an audience, and establish your brand if you fill out my contact form.

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